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Good News… ^_^

In 2014 Raharja College opened iLearning Plus and executive class lectures to provide opportunities for people who want to join the College due to time constraints courses.

Before iLearning Plus lectures running, there are some things that must be understood by prospective students the things include:

  • Have the training RiJP
  • Registered as a student iLearning Plus on KSTF
  • Already have an email account Rinfo (
  • If you already have an account Rinfo subsequently joined the mailing list.
  • Log into iDu’s iLearning Plus and access to class with an access code in accordance with their respective classes. For example:
No Course Code Course Name iMe Class Access Code
1  BI102R English II BI102 ZHGD-PRQU
2 UM110A Islamic Education UM101 TGAW-HFJA
  • Incorporated in iMe Class

For members of the iMe Class, students conduct themselves through mailing lists request to login Author iMe Class.

  • Independent Task (Assignment)

Independent Task (Assignment) settled in SKUP (System Class Portfolio) contained in the iMe class. If the assignment is completed without any SKUP then student will be given the 0 (zero) value in each done assignment. SKUP can be created like this example

Every answer of Independent Task (Assignment) contains four (4) elements consist of a question, Status, Description, Proof. And iDus  Standard Answer can be seen here. Example of assignment can be seen here. In the iMe article contains 3P (Research, views and experience).

  • Learning Process

Independent learning (learning initiated by themselves or groups in the form of Group Meeting)

Online Tutorial (In iMe Class or other sources)

Using Instructional Materials (In Class IME or other sources)

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes (MidTermTest and FinalTermTest Online)

Learning Assistance Services (Through iDuHelp!)

  • iLearning Plus Students need to have the ability:

Planning for their own learning activities.

Determine their own learning schedule (set out in the Guide iLearning Plus).

Conducting learn by studying the teaching materials or other sources.

Carry out tasks (assignment).

Creating SKUP

  • Learn To Be Independent

Student success in following iLearning Plus will be strongly influenced by the discipline, creativity, firmness learning. They should be encouraged to form small group learning, a forum for discussion between students with students in solving problems.

  • Attendance

For attendance, lecturers need to follow this info here.

For Raharja Personal who is experiencing difficulties in the lecture of iLearning Plus can contact iDuHelp!


Good News: Utilization iPad for Learning and Teaching

Hi Guys,

Here I would like to give you the information which is surely beneficial for all of us, regarding our needs to enhance our knowledge in this utilization of iPad in our activity particularly in our teaching. As Mr. Harry Kwa (the representative Apple for Asia) gave us the SAMR Model information in “sharing with apple asia event”, please kindly take a look Dr Puentedura weblog which serves us a start for SAMR Model information gathering. Hopefully it will be merit for you. Thank you ^_^

My Experience in iLearning

iLearning Lecturer

Something that makes me very interested in teaching at Raharja College is its well known with always keeps up the recent technology which accordingly changes with the times. I joined Raharja in 2008 as an English lecturer. And I felt very blessing once I get involved more in it really made me progress in my teaching knowledge and experience since I am always connected with the recent technology.

Moreover, in line with the new technologies in computer hardware, there is a famous tablet computer known iPad. Raharja College initiated  iLearning as its excellent program. iLearning is a new teaching and learning system in and outside classroom using the iPad which is began to conduct by Raharja College at the end of 2011. It is a learning system using iPad that is integrating learning activities, play, and works and prays as one that cannot be separated and can be able to balance the performance of right brain and left brain. With an advanced media technology such as iPad is capable of helping students to learn differently and enjoyable. Something so many people dreamed about that the teaching and learning can be held more fun and can be done wherever and whenever we want. It is very sophisticated.

Previously, I taught English 1 and 2 courses in the regular class by using technology campus is named Raharja Multimedia Edutainment (RME) in which lecturers facilitated with personal folders on internal server campus. This is good. Teaching and learning material here are presented through meetings, discussions and exercises in the classroom using materials which are available in that internal folder. A consideration to the language learning situations which bear independent or autonomous learning, consequently the necessary of a system that supports optimal language learning is emerged. Development of an education system in Raharja presented iLearning. iLearning class is wishes to be a solution. Learning English as a Foreign Language requires an independent learner. By iLearning students can actively learn the material well in the classroom (onsite classes) and outside the classroom (offsite class).

Learning English in iLearning class can be done with more fun because it uses highly interactive apps like iBooks for reading comprehension that is completed by video or movie as prereading activities. A reader can highlight the text while reading, give notes on and after reading then they can learn it by study cards, furthermore it can be immediately shared via email. In addition there is also a glossary; where students are asked to learn the words at home and to find other difficult words in a reading comprehension passage as well as to learn their meanings thus they are ready to study in the classroom. It makes learning and teaching situation more effective.

ibooksicon photo (9) photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13)

To evaluate the students’ understanding of reading comprehension passage that was read or learned. Students are required to present the material by making a video in the iMovie application. They record their own presentations with an interesting way so they can understand the material very well. And they share their video by uploading them in YouTube. This also makes them more skilled, creative and confident. Beyond, they apparently can do it all with ease.

imoviephoto (15)

To sum up iLearning classroom teaching experience really made me very interested as well as challenged. In addition, at the same time iLearning make my students feel more meaningful in their English learning journey headway with the pleasant experience in it.

If Mr. UR says that “No reason not to be iLearning”. Ai says that “Ngga ada alasan untuk tidak iLearning”. Hani says that “I think using iPad helps me to learn”. And I say that “iLearning is best for teacher and student learning”. It’s marvelous!


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